CART Services for deaf & hearing impaired.

CART for the Classroom

Apex provides communication access for deaf and hearing impaired students by providing communication access in the classroom.

CART Services for deaf & hearing impaired.

Educational CART for Schools, Colleges and Universities.

We provide on-site and remote Educational CART services whereby the professor’s speech is translated into text in realtime so students with hearing impairment can see in realtime what is being said in the classroom.

Apex provides Communication Access Realtime Translation or CART services in the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia areas as well as nationwide.

Classroom CART can be done on a laptop where a student with hearing impairment can see the speech on the laptop screen in realtime or it can be projected onto a big screen for the entire class or lecture hall.

At Apex we provide on-site educational CART services where our CART writers will come out to your school, college or university and translate speech into text in realtime. We also provide remote CART services where the professor or speaker would speak into a microphone which is connected to our CART reporter’s computer via the internet and the CART reporter will type in realtime the speech being presented from a remote location.

CART services for your University, School or College are just a phone call away.

Call us today at (877)871-2654 or contact us for all of your educational CART and communication access needs.

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